Swingers clubs in spain are also known as Pub Liberal in Spanish.

There’s no shortage of swingers clubs in spain, in fact, there’s about five to ten swingers clubs in each major city in Spain, as well as a host of private swingers parties at local hotels and homes.

Spain also has a large Ex-pat community which makes it very international. Swinging couples from all over the world come to visit the swingers clubs in Spain. Most international swingers make Spain their preferred destination for their swingers vacations.

We have done some extensive research about the swinging club scene in Spain, and have compiled an up to date list divided in different regions.

We are pleased to provide you with a list of those swingers clubs in Spain that we are aware of.  We also provide a brief description, contact details, and links to clubs with their own websites.

Whilst we know it is the largest and most accurate list, we could still have missed a few, as new clubs come in to the lifestyle all the time. Let us know of any other clubs that you think should be listed and of any of those listed where details become outdated.  Just e-mail us and we will update the listing as soon as possible.


Here are the best swingers clubs in Spain:

Swingers clubs Madrid

Swingers Clubs Barcelona

Swingers Clubs North Spain

Swingers clubs Bilbao

Swingers clubs Gijon

Swingers clubs Vigo

Swingers Clubs Costa Blanca

Swingers clubs Alicante

Swingers clubs Valencia

Swingers clubs Murcia

Swingers Clubs Costa Del Sol

Swingers Clubs Malaga

Swingers clubs Marbella

Swingers clubs Almeira

Swingers clubs Andalucia

Swingers clubs Seville / Sevilla

Swingers clubs Cadiz

Swingers clubs Balears islands

Swingers Clubs Majorca – Mallorca

Swingers clubs Ibiza

Swingers clubs Canary islands

Swingers clubs Canary islands

If we have missed any club listings, please let us know, and we’ll update the list.