Ibiza Private Village

Ibiza Private Village is a swingers club in Ibiza that runs private invitation only swingers parties in Ibiza. They are private discreet sexy parties for select sexy couples only.

The parties are held at a villa some eight kilometres from Ibiza, the island´s biggest city. The gates will open at 1900 hours and guests may remain inside until 300 a.m. Afterwards, on the upper floor of the villa, a small after party will be held to which will be invited the hostesses, artists and waiting staff.

The after party will be open to just 30 people and requires the purchase of an additional ticket at the time of purchasing the one for the main event. The after party will take place from 0300 to 0700 a.m. for anyone (along with the hostesses, artists and waiting staff) who wishes to continue having fun. It is important to remember that the after party will be attended not only by couples but also by the young men and women who earlier were working as hostesses, waiters and artists at the event because they also have a right to have a good time!


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